Kenyan musician reveals how a politician wanted to sleep with her

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A Kenyan singer by the name Vivianne, known for her single “Woman In Love”, has has shared her experience with a married politician who is a sexual predator.

She posted this rant on social media:
I have decided to go public about something that is causing me discomfort. Some popular senior govt official has been relentlessly been on my case for the last one week. I have continuously told him I can’t sleep with him as he demands. He doesn’t seem to stop despite all my attempts to stop him. Let him know this, I don’t sleep with married men. He should respect his wife. Second, Sex to me must have a meaning. It’s a gift for married couples only. Thirdly He is twice my Age. Please! Gosh! Wish the wife was able to tame her man. If he doesn’t stop stalking me, I will publicly expose him and tag his wife. Why do some men do this to their wives? What happened to faithfulness?

Enjoy her woman in love video.



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