Criss Waddle: How I met murdered BIE GYA video vixen, BRIDGET SHIEL

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AMG boss, Criss Kwaku Waddle has however disclosed that he’s total heartbroken upon hearing about how Bridget was shot and what even pained him more was the fact that she was left naked.

According to Waddle, he met Bridget Shiel through a modelling agency and he described Bridget as a lovely lady one would always love to vibe with. He disclosed this and more in an interview with Hitz Fm.

When asked how he felt, he said, “I’m very sad right about now. Bridget was a lovely lady everyone would love to hang around with. I mean I’m just heartbroken. What, she was shot and left naked? Oo, I’m really sad”. He exclaimed.

On how he met Bridget Shiel, he said he met him when he was ready to shoot visuals to his Bie Gya song.

He said, “So I was in Atlanta and at Atlanta if you want models for your videos, you have to contact an agency and that’s how it’s done over there. So the agency sent me 100 beautiful ladies and I chose Bridget among other ladies. She was lovely lady and after we shot the video, we’ve became great friends. The ‘Bie Gya’ video is just not worth it again, oooo.” Criss Waddle emotionally revealed.

The Atlanta Police are still investigating the death of the 19 year old Bie Gya video vixen, Bridget Shiel.




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