Video: ‘Rich mum’ and ‘homeless mum’ ask strangers for money.

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A YouTube vlogger Josh Paler Lin carried out a social experiment which saw a rich mother and a homeless mother asked strangers for money to feed her baby.
The scenario was set up by him to see if passers-by changed their perception of a woman with her baby, depending on social status.
First, the volunteer was asked to wear lovely clothes and do her hair and make-up.

She then hit the streets, asking strangers for a couple of dollars of change to help her buy food for her baby.
Amazingly, all except one man offered the woman some money without question.
But the tables were turned when the same woman appeared unkempt.

This time around, almost every passer-by told the woman they had no change, with one man refusing to even offer a polite no, instead telling her to f*** off.

Only one group offered the woman cash to help her baby, and they were later refunded and given a small cash sum by Josh.
At the end of the video, Josh adds the word

“Do not judge by appearances. A rich heart may be under a poor coat.”


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