Adomaa, label mates release 3 tracks, same day!

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VISION INSPIRED MUSIC Record Label has kicked off its unique #TripleTreatTuesday campaign with the release of three amazing singles from three of its acts. This campaign is the first of its kind in Ghana, with the fast-rising record label set to release an incredible 9 songs from 6 of its acts in the space of just 3 months, from May to July.

May sees the first 3 releases from 3 acts. VI Music’s band FRA! releases its first single calledDumsor, a satirical piece using the imagery of Ghana’s power outage situation to describe the heartache being experienced by a lover facing inconsistent supply of affection from his love interest. It is an afrobeat powerhouse of rhythms and melodies reminiscent of the Fela Kuti/Osibisa sound of old, with jazz touches featuring some intricate guitar work.  It is produced by FRA!

VGMA Unsung Artiste winner Adomaa also releases her much-anticipated first single since winning the award with the release of her 6-track EPAfraba in January. #Y3nkor is Adomaa’s anthem for all young people doing something worthwhile with their gifts despite the odds. It is a catchy up tempo afro jazz tune that is sure to empower many and encourage them to forget the status quo and make a difference.  Talented Nigerian producer Odunsi ‘The Engine’ produces this fiery track, aided by Afraba EP producer Reynolds ‘TheGentleMan.’

Robin-Huws, VI Music’s extraordinary soul crooner, rounds off the triple release with a classic piece about his late mother, called See Her Again.This song is an extremely touching piece, as he reminisces on the moments he and his family spent with her before her untimely passing, and is certain to draw a tear or two from listeners. A soul piece with classical elements, Robin-Huws brings a completely different sound to Ghanaian music with this his first single, ably produced by Reynolds ‘TheGentleMan.’

All 3 songs were mixed and mastered by ace Ghanaian producer Drumroll (EL’s ‘All Black’ and ‘King Without A Crown’ among others). #TripleTreatTuesday continues in June with another trio of releases on June 28th from a different set of acts. VI Music – we do it for the Art!




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